Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My World Part 2: Kitchen

Our kitchen, luckily, was in really good condition when we moved in - high shine white cabinets and grey floor tiles. Easy.
This is the first kitchen we've had that has had enough space for a kitchen table and it has made such a difference - we always eat breakfast together on a weekend here, and my partner often sits here to do his work (until our study is finished, anyway!).

This table is my 'dream' table. I had it in my head that I wanted a zinc top table....but then couldn't actually find it anywhere! When I did they were £1000+.....I finally found this online at quirkyinteriors.co.uk and had it made to order for £400. The bottom is made from old fruit crates, and it's something I'll have for years.

The canvas is an original work of art from our friend, David Northedge (davidnorthedge.carbonmade.com), given to us as a moving in present.

The chairs are not original Eames DSW chairs. At this stage in my life, I cannot afford £370 per chair. Especially when eventually, I'd like at least 4. These chairs are from Dennis & Macgregor and £71.50 - and none of my friends have noticed the difference.

Chairs, £71.50, Dennis & Macgregor

 We have added splashes of red to the grey and white colour palette...
Unframed print, now £30 (was £40), Dandy Star
Scales, £19.50, Marks & Spencer, Breadbin, £10, Wilkinson

Utensils bowl, £20, Red Direct

I did say my partner likes The Beatles!

I love cookbooks, I received these new ones at Christmas:

Cook's measure, £7.99, Lakeland
My fridge is the one 'messy' area. I use it as a canvas for memories, To Do lists, photos, tickets etc


  1. Gorgeous. I love your table and the "permission" you give yourself to be messy on the fridge!

  2. Yes, the two sides of my personality: I love tack but hate mess!

  3. Love your table and I really like your kitchen tiles too.

  4. Thank you so much! The tiles (lucky for me), came with the flat...and I'm so pleased with the table

  5. Love the table, love it more because Terrington St. John is the next village along from where I grew up in Norfolk. In our garden was the remains of an old apple orchard( the rest of it had been covered by bungalows). But there used to be so many apple orchards now sadly cut down. So nice to see something being reused like that.

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