Sunday, 22 January 2012

Re-use upcycle recycle

Make recycling work for you.

The good thing about my work is that I have access to the fashion cupboard. I use this to my advantage and recycle bags from the cupboard to carry my lunches in. I also keep hold of any coloured tissue and ribbon that comes attached to bags and re-use these for wrapping birthday presents. One of my friends was telling me how she cuts up all her old Christmas cards and uses them as gift tags the following year - now that's savvy.

This present has totally been wrapped by leftover paper/ribbon/coloured paper from other presents or found unwanted in my office:

I love this neon ribbon. I bought this for work for a photoshoot but didn't end up using it all - so am using it for presents - it also looks fab with brown paper.

I used some of the neon ribbon this weekend to customise this plain raffia hat for a photo shoot - I think the neon trim brings it up to date. I was inspired by this hat on the Matches website:
Sensi Studio hat, £88, Matches
 Fashion Maths:

This trilby is for a photoshoot and is from Paul Smith, but you can buy an easily adaptable one from the High Street.....
£18, Accessorize

£4.99, New Look
Both John Lewis and VV Rouleaux have a great selection of ribbon in tons of colours, textures and widths - or try online
Now this is not stingy, it’s sensible! Any stamp that has been missed by a franking machine can be re-used. I am an old-fashioned letter writer and first class stamps are now 46 pence each, this habit – especially at Christmas- saves me a small fortune (plus time as I never remember to buy stamps).
Also, any stamps that have been franked can be used by charities to raise funds. I started an office scheme to save all used stamps to help save an albatross, which are almost extinct. You can recycle both UK stamps as well as overseas stamps (which are actually worth more). In 2010, the RSPB raised £15,000 from old stamps.
More information is available here:

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  1. Love this! I also sometimes use just plain paper and use my stamp collection to print cute pictures on presents - they make them look fancy! I have so much ribbon stashed at home too - I need a craft where I can use up old ribbon that has stuff printed on it though, it looks weird using ribbon with "Rigby and Peller" stamped on it as gift wrapping! x


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