Friday, 20 January 2012


I have gone all nostalgic and recently started to use classic hand soap rather than dispensers. This is so much more cost effective - although I do admit I still keep a dispenser on standby for some guests....!
You still, however, have to make the soap look soapdish (above) was from Anthropologie. Here are my top picks of the chicest soaps and soap dishes: 
£12, Lisa Stickley at John Lewis

£9.99, Zara Home
I actually own this is grey, and use it to put my keys in!

£4, Debenhams

£7.29 for the whole set, Ikea

I think soaps make gorgeous gifts for people as well...
£6, Anthropologie

£4.50, L'Occitane
It's quite a misconception that L'Occitane is expensive, but it's actually good value. I love their packaging.

£3.95, Toast

And when I do use a soap dispenser, I tend to use this one, as I love the chic classic packaging (it's great value too, for the size). Red Direct has loads of fab products, and this makes a great gift (you can also re-use and pour cheaper soap in once it runs out!):
£12.50, Red Direct

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  1. TK Maxx do some great vintage-style wrapped soaps which make lovely gifts. I also use them in my wardrobe after I read that they help keep moths at bay!


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