Sunday, 15 January 2012

Welcome to my world.....

Last year, I bought my first flat in London. After 4 years of renting, I took the plunge. It has been, and still is, a slow process.
We moved in with only one piece of furniture: a mattress. Since then we have bought a few necessities (washing machine, fridge etc) and very little else.
Like most people, my flat is a constant work in progress. I will not settle for anything less than what I want, and am constantly on the lookout for 1950s/60s furniture at carboots, Ercol and G-plan tables on ebay and the perfect prints for my bare walls.


The room with all the books is Karl Lagerfeld's (amazing, I know). I find pictures on blogs ( websites (, magazines (Red, ELLE Decoration) and in books. These are my two main literary sources:

So my style is New York loft apartment/industria/grey Scandinavian/minimalist........and of course, I move into a flat with cream carpets. Here are a few snippets into the place that I call home:


Karlstad sofa, Ikea, middle cushion Red Direct (my BF is a Beatles fan)

Ikea 'Stockholm' cushion, £15.99

This is my favourite feature in the flat. At night I always light tea lights in the fireplace

Letters, a gift from a friend from

I love these cardboard coasters from Fishs Eddy in NYC

The chair on the left we picked up for free via We are hoping(!) to transform it into something like the one on the right......

Well, that's it for now - hopefully I'll take you through the rest of the flat sometime....


  1. I love seeing behind the scenes posts of people's homes like this, especially when each section has been so carefully thought out. The bookshelf dotted with framed pictures is lovely.
    When we moved into our rented unfurnished flat we fell into the trap of the quick and cheap because we needed everything, but it wasn't brilliantly well thought through. The result being that I'd now love to go back and take more care with the furniture and bits that we're likely to have for years. A mood board is definitely the way to go! :)
    Really enjoying the blog and looking forward to future flat posts! X

  2. Thanks so much! To be honest, I did my bookshelves from a tutorial on :)
    Hopefully will post more items as and when I buy them. I did the same as you in my rented flat but eventually you can replace things. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Absolutely love all the pictures - your flat looks amazing. And so does your blog - I'm so happy you are doing this!! Can't wait for more posts :)


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