Monday, 27 February 2012

What YOU Say

I’ve found it so interesting to hear everyone’s feedback on my blog – the fact that it makes sense to a lot of people is really amazing to hear.
So I’ve dedicated today’s post to other people in the Media industry, finding out what they do to save money in small ways to afford their luxuries.

Illustration Haley Austin
Brandnation is a top Fashion + Lifestyle PR Agency in central London, they look after brands such as Wrangler, Siwy jeans (I love, you MUST try) and Charles Worthington. I was so impressed by their team work with frugality. Here’s what they do:

Jodie (Fashion)
I buy ingredients for lunch on a Monday and make my lunch for the week. Recently I have been buying mixed leaves, chicken, tomatoes, humous, couscous and making a lovely salad and it has saved me so much money. I used to spend £6.50 per day on lunch and now on average lunch costs me £13 a week so I am saving nearly £80 a month!

Rae (Sport)
My flat mate and I make dinner for 4 instead of 2 and bring it for lunch the next day. It means I don’t need to spend extra time making a separate lunch or buying it when I get to work and I save about £15-£20 a week so its well worth while.

Nicola Rose, Fashion + Creative Director at Red
Nicola suggests heading to Waitrose at 4pm on a Sunday...when all the fruit has been reduced – it still lasts and you get the great Waitrose quality.

Merrick Cassanova, Managing Editor Red + Esquire (he deals with budgets and money-so trust him on this one!) says make sure before you throw away jars past their date, that it says ‘Use by’ NOT ‘best before’. If the jar says ‘best before’ a certain date (i.e herbs etc), it just means they won’t taste as fresh as if you use them straight away.

Ebay: This online auction-house has long been loved by Fashionistas, I should probably do a whole post about it! I love hearing about style-savvy purchases...

Rachel Ingram, Contributing Fashion Assistant at Glamour
I bought amazing silk Celine leopard print trousers, Giuseppe Zanotti boots and a pair of python boots for £8!

Emily Parrett, Editor of
Unparalleled in her love of Zara, Emily has saved us all time and handpicked her favourite pieces from both hers and The-Frugality's fave High Street store:

A-Symmetric Skirt £29.99 – Linen Tee £15.99 – Floral Bowed Shirt £22.99 - Studio Jacket With Combined Lapel £89.99 – Basic Handbag £19.99 – Printed Trousers £25.99 – Skull and Feather Earrings £9.99

Theia Nankivell, Agent at KBJ Management
It's probably quite an obvious one, but as I've just been furnishing my flat, I've found an amazing website which has huge discounts on retail prices of some lovely furniture...and bikes.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of this website! Here are our top picks:

Sarah Horn, Senior Account Manager at Cube PR (looking after fab brands such as Sophie Hulme and Emu Australia)

This G-Plan dresser was £69 from eBay, I have a small obsession with eBay now that I have purchased a house.

Emma Meysey Thompson, Freelance Fashion Shoot Producer
Designers Guild have a permanent sale shop open Monday-Friday 10am–6 pm with ever changing stock there and seemingly unadvertised to the public. They had some lovely cushions, fabric, bed linen, candles etc. I'll definitely be going back.
Designers Guild Warehouse, 6 Relay Road, Ariel Way (off Wood Lane), London,W12.                                                                                          
Zoe Meads, Press Officer at Paul Smith 
Sign up to Tunetribe's digital music download site - - they do regular flash sales on loads of albums so you can download a new or classic album for just £4 - there's always a really good selection.
I also use which compares the price of music across all the major download sites - you simply enter the name of the artist, song or album to find out who has it for the lowest price.
This is hopefully going to be a regular post (I have some amazing beauty and travel tips my frugal friends have told me about), so I would love to hear ways you are staying frugal, please email me at my shiny new email address:       


  1. Brilliant post as always and some great ideas which I'm def gonna use. I bought the Zara bag pictured in grey a few months ago - looks and feels way more expensive than £19.99.

    1. Thank you! I find other people's ways of savings so inspiring too, and cannot believe I had never checked out!

    2. Yay! Glad to hear that bag is a great quality in real life too, one of the reasons I LOVE Zara :) The bag is my favourite item.


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