Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Marni for H&M Day!

I'm sure your day will be filled with news of queues, the preview party, and bargains bought at the Marni for H&M collection out today (Thursday 8th March).

You won't, however (bar this post), hear anymore about it from me. For once, I am giving this collaboration a miss, this is especially hard for me as a) I love Marni b) I could never afford it full price c) H&M is my favourite store.

I have decided, in true frugal style, that I need to save my money for my Californian vacation later this month. There is also something about the queues and hysteria that makes me a little crazed, and I always end up impulsively buying things I wouldn't usually wear (hark back to the Stella McCartney for H&M days, where I never wore a single item).

The collection has been the topic of much discussion in our office, and here is the shortlist of what seem to be the must-have pieces. So, if anyone does manage to get anything, I'd love to hear about your bargains! Tweet me @TheFrugality

You can also buy online at from 9am


  1. Hey! I'm inclined to agree with you and am giving this collaboration a miss too, which is a shame as I also love Marni! I too cannot face the sharpened elbows and mass hysteria of the queue scene! Good on you for saving your money for your California trip - you won't regret it. X

    1. I am glad I missed, however, I have spotted someone with the gorgeous silk shorts and am very jealous! Think will be okay.

  2. I went to the preview party and managed to get the last size 6s of those heels and also the pink shorts - 100% silk for £35! I really wanted that pyjama set but it was definitely the first item to sell out, the only one I saw was being worn by a store assistant! my credit card was very happy that's all I walked away with... x


    1. Congratulations! The silk shorts are gorgeous x


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