Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jewellery Storage

Well, you'll need somewhere to put all those new earrings, won't you?!
Thank goodness for Muji. Just when I started to think a chic and subtle place to store my jewellery (that didn't involve velvet or those necklace hanging 'trees') did not exist......a colleague reminded me of the wonderfulness that is Muji. Practical, compartmentalised and modern, these jewellery dividers are also really reasonably priced. You can customise the levels too - I bought the ring section (£2.95 each) and dividers for all my necklaces separately.
2 drawers, £7,95, Muji


  1. Brilliant idea - I've been looking for something that's not mirrored or flouncy and this will do the job. x

    1. Yes, really over the pretty pretty French stuff that's everywhere at the moment. Chic and practical (and cheap!).

  2. I have those drawers for over 2 years now and I still love them. I keep going back and extend them with dividers and new drawers and I have just a pure pleasure of playing with it :). Would recommend it to everyone!!!

  3. Aah my love for Muji is never ending! I'm pretty sure I keep them in business with the amount of pens and sketchbooks I buy!

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