Tuesday, 20 March 2012


As much as I love eBay, I can't help thinking that the fashion world needs something a little more stylish. And then Vestiaire Collective comes along, with its French 'je ne sais quoi' and its chic layouts and takes the buying/selling of second-hand clothing to a whole new level.
Originally hailing from Paris, the website has just launched in the UK and its point of difference lies in its unique authenticity process. Every item that is sold is sent to the buyer via Paris, where it is regimentally checked by a team of experts to ensure it is legitimate and in exceptional condition (this service is free of charge).
The clever team at Vestiare pride themselves on only accepting the sale of 'on trend' pieces in excellent condition and items are sold at a fixed price (decided between Vestiaire and the seller), so no checking every five minutes in a bidding war. If you want it: you purchase it, simple as that. Safe in the knowledge you're not parting with your well-earned cash over a conterfeit.
Oh, and did I mention it is free to become a member? You can start browsing today.

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