Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Styled by Mary Norden for Red, June Issue

How much I do I love this image from this month's Red? Spray-painted chairs bought from a carboot sale. It made me think a) how can I integrate neons into my mainly monochrome flat and b) what can I spray-paint?!

I have really been inspired by Pinterest lately and been repinning lots of interiors ideas, including these 'pop of colour' images.

These are definitely on my To-Do list (spray-painted recycled cans):
Image from Pinterest via
Here is my first spray-paint project: I've had this necklace from House of Fraser for years and haven't worn it recently. Using a can of Montana spray paint (under £5 from London Graphics Centre)I mmodernised it - looks great with a white t-shirt.

My inspiration as ever,
OR you could just buy this fab neon necklace from H&M (for only £10!):


  1. I'm on the spray-painting too Al! I am spray painting stuff for the garden, and I'm also going to paint some old church chairs that I'm getting soon!

    1. Great! It's so satisfying, isn't it?! Let me know if you see any good cheap chairs for me- need one for my study!


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