Monday, 28 May 2012

*New Bag Alert*

The sun was shining this weekend in London and I don't think a single person stayed indoors. As I don't have a garden, I took the opportunity to visit the meadow at the end of our Road - I love how overgrown and wild it is: in the Autumn we pick blackberries here. It was the perfect outing for my new Zatchels bag, finishing my outfit with a pop of neon, it is only £55, real leather and such a bargain. I teamed it with my Luella t-shirt (£10 from her last closing down sale), Gap denim skirt (which looks very APC), and a fluro orange pedicure (Model's Own). I personally think it's a fashion sin to match your bag to your shoes, but bag to pedi? Now that's a different matter...

T-shirt, Luella
Denim skirt, Gap (available now)
Bag, Zatchels (available now)
Leopard belt, French Connection
Sunglasses, Asos
Shoes, Office
Watch, Gc


  1. Perfect balance - you look great!

  2. The bag is beautiful!!!!!xxx

  3. I'm thinking of getting this bag in another colour (or at least asking for it) for my b-day, but really needed a good camera bag too. Is it big enough for a proper camera (SLR)? I noticed it comes in two sizes and couldn't tell if you've got the smaller one :)

  4. Mine is the smaller one....I think you'd definitely need the bigger one for a camera- my long wallet doesn't fit in this one!


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