Sunday, 20 May 2012

NYC: A Concise Guide

I love New York. It is, quite possibly, the one place I can imagine myself living other than England. I love that it has proper seasons, the shops in Soho, the relaxed bars and fantastic food. I always get asked by friends and family on my tips for the city, so I've decided to do a mini guide in this blog of great, reasonable things to see, eat and do! I've broken it up into sections so the first one, obviously, is my top tips for shopping:

As I am often in New York for work, I don't get much time to get to the shops. So I have to make a list of my top places to nip into after shoots. I generally make a rule only to visit shops we don't have over here, this is my list:
  • J Crew - so I know we can all buy from Net A Porter now but nothing beats going into the store. Here you'll find all their gorgeous cashmere is every colour under the sun, the entire range of fabulous costume jewellery, as well as Crew Cuts (the kids department). We usually head to the Soho branch on Prince Street.

  • Old Navy - I don't really shop here on a personal level, but it is great for menswear (I look for cargo shorts and classic tees for my partner, and baby clothes for friends)
  • Kate's Paperie (435 Broome Street) - you all know about my love of stationery. This shop has definitely enhanced it! I found it a few years ago by chance and have been back every time since. I bought my sister's thank you cards for her wedding here (Vera Wang) and I always stock up on cute, never seen in the UK cards...

  • Bleecker Street – this is a great street for wandering down, it has great record stores, second-hand book stores, the world famous Magnolia Bakery and of course, the MARC by Marc Jacobs shop and Surplus store. When the exchange rate is good, you can get a good deal on accessories at the MARC store. I love going in the Surplus store, where they sell necklaces, wallets, flipflops, umbrellas etc for as little as $10. I love bringing back presents for friends here. 
Last time I spent too much money in the MARC by Marc Jacobs store! I'm much more restrained now...
  • Fishs Eddy (889 Broadway at 19th Street) - this is what I call a 'Nester's Paradise' - a store filled to the brim with crockery! Mugs, plates, coasters, bowls - all with a New York twist (FYI, if you can't make it to New York, they are stocking a selected range in Liberty's in London).

  • ABC Carpets (888 and 881 Broadway at East 19th St) - I don't spend any money here, but as a stylist, I love being inspired by new products and visually stimulating stores. If you love interiors and design, you need to pay a visit.

Next week I will be doing a 'where to eat in New York' post. 


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