Wednesday, 30 May 2012

T-shirt Trail...

Most of your would've seen my last post with my Luella t-shirt, I bought this a few years ago and it manages to lift an outfit and really give it the designer 'cool' factor. At £10, I was so gutted I only bought the one! Almost every brand are doing t-shirts now, from Alexander Wang to YSL and they have much more palatable entry price-points. And weirdly (as I usually hate logos), the bigger the slogan, the better the tee...

My much-loved Luella tee

A page in Vogue's last High Street supplement

Claudia Schiffer in Chanel


  1. Hi, Love the t-shirt. I like the fact that it's not obvious in that it doesn't shout the brand all over it but is recognisable as a Luella. I've just stumbled across your blog whilst perusing through some blog recommendations and I love your bag and your skirt from the previous post. The skirt I love as I tried it on in Gap but I looked terrible in it where as you look really fresh and fun. I have been looking for a bag just like yours after I saw one on the Anthropologie site and now that I've been on the Zatchels site, I'm really loving the cream one (I am so boring). Love your statement about not being cheap but being smart - so well put.
    Sue (

    1. Thanks so much for looking, so nice to hear feedback! The Zatchels bag has been great so far -but I warn you, if you have a long wallet, they don't fit inside very easily! x


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