Sunday, 3 June 2012

On Your Bike...

Behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot. Bike from ebay, flowers from Scarlet & Violet
Okay so I borrowed this bike from my sister...though it did inspire me! She bought this from ebay and it is so gorgeous, I can see myself cycling around in a vintage tea-dress, satchel and flowers in the front on my way to a friend's for afternoon tea...
However, now is the time to be SERIOUS and life isn't like it is on Shoreditch High Street. You will also need a helmet, decent bike lock and the correct equipment. And always be prepared for punctures. But this could save you so much money (and help the environment!).
My yearly travel costs £1641.60. A good bike costs roughly £450 and you keep fit. You do the maths.

Best Single Speed Bikes....
£490, Tokyobikes
£445, Bike Republic
£220, Camden Cycles

Urban Outfitters have partnered with 'Create' to sell a range of single speed bikes from June 2012, £340


  1. Sorry, I totally missed the bike bit at first as I couldn't take my eyes off your fab yellow :)

    1. haha, yes should totally have credited the bag! It's the Zatchels one - this was where I fell in love with it!

  2. I want the bag and the bike! Your yellow bag is looking more and more alluring. Really good colour choice.

    1. Thank you - are you still going for the cream or have I tempted you with a neon?

    2. Not a neon but possibly the daffodil yellow. The yellow is calling out to me.

  3. Ah nearly died then as thought you had the exact same bike as me!!!! lol. I got my lovely Pashley through the cycle to work scheme. And not only is it beautiful and i ride it every single day everywhere i go, it also only costs me £25 a month using the govt scheme. And thats incl a really good bike lock, helmet, puncture repair kit and lights.

    You could give that a go? My bike retails at £700 and they are all 100% made and manufactured in the UK too. Pashley have their own site….cant think off hand what it is. Also must point out i am not on commission lol.

    Lotsv love xxx

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