Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wedding Gift Ideas

It's not often that weddings deviate from the traditional giftlist/ buy our honeymoon option but every so often you want to get an 'added extra' for the Bride and are a few ideas:
Personalised sketch of wedding venue (unframed), £38, Notonthehighstreet
I love this DIY Bride 'essentials' kit - fill with essentials for the bride to be such as mints, tissues, hairpins!
Download from
Personalised stationery with her 'new' initial adds a personal touch, £34 for 25, Honeytree Publishing

£12, Alphabet Bags

Personalised address stamp, £16, Notonthehighstreet


  1. Its so cute. I really love the way how you design those things. Wedding Gifts

  2. Love this idea...I am sure that the couple was thrilled when they received it...So many creative ideas...Terrific unique wedding gift idea, so beautiful and personal!

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