Sunday, 19 August 2012


I am about to start working on my December jewellery pages for Red and it made me think about my favourite jewellery. You may have noticed, I rarely wear statement jewellery: it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I forget to put jewellery on, so I tend to stick to fine jewellery that I wear all the time. But occasionally, I find that 'wow' piece which really makes an outfit work...

Here's my edit of the top affordable pieces out there at the moment. 

Dainty, everyday jewellery (these also make really thoughtful, birthday, anniversary or bridesmaid gifts):

£35, Lucas Jack at Red Direct

£185, Laura Lee at Asos (I LIVE in this)

£49, Laura Gravestock

Approx £17.66, Petitor at Etsy

And then mix it with edgy pieces...

My new favourite designer is Stella & Dot - as they have really capitalised on their market of cool designs at an affordable price point between Topshop and high-end:

£45, Stella & Dot
£15, Freedom at Topshop
£6.99, H+M
Alexandra Jefford 
  vs Freedom at Topshop

I love Zara's new range of jewellery, this fabulous beetle necklace is only £15.99:

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  1. I love Stella and Dot! I have so many bits and pieces now and I love how you can get lovely stuff at a reasonable price!


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