Thursday, 27 September 2012

Frugal Cards...

This year I have a plethora of thirtieth birthdays to attend...and the cards in the shops just don't cut it. So I decided to make my own, mainly inspired by Liberty's Letterpress cards. 

Card, 60p from Ryman.

Stampkit, £21.50 (but I am also using these for my wedding - so versatile!), Liberty or Willow & Stone.

I used to collect rubber stamps as a child, so I am thrilled they are back in fashion:

Personalised stamp, £16, Not On The High Street

Alphabet stamp kit, £18.50, Cox + Cox
Some friends used a rubber stamp for their 'Save The Date' wedding cards, £22.95, CraftyCo


  1. Sooo excited to see you mention Willow & Stone here - their shop is in my town of Falmouth and it's boootiful! So much gushing and oo-ing and aah-ing to be had!

    1. Doing this blog has made me find some really great websites, it is lovely!


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