Thursday, 18 October 2012

Budget Early for Christmas...

I know it's boring but if you want to get everyone decent presents this christmas, you need to start thinking about it now!
I'm lucky, as I go to Christmas Press Days in July, so I know what will be in stores and have already had a chance to do the browsing before the christmas rush comes upon us.

The trick is to keep a list in the back of your diary/notebook. Every time you see something a friend/family member would like or they mention they'd like -WRITE IT DOWN! Then, from October, buy a few things a month and keep them in a box under the bed. Come 24th December, you'll have done all your shopping without feeling bankrupt or exhausted.

With websites like Amazon, it is so easy to just click from your desk without the anxiety of Westfield or parking. Here are a few great/useful christmas presents I'm thinking of buying people this year (friends and family, look away, now!):

A good 'guy' cookbook. I saw in Anthropologie for £20, then looked online and found for £13.50, Amazon
Who doesn't like receiving perfume? This is my new wishlist fragrance, available at Boots. And so I need to mention Advantage points?!
Okay, call me old, but I'd love to get some pie dishes  -all stacked inside each other! £4.29 each,  Lakeland
Mini candles  - perfect for colleagues, dinner hosts, yourself...£10, Miller Harris
MARC by Marc Jacobs iPhone case, £30, Selfridges
I love everything Donna Wilson, this 'mog' plate is so cute! £22, Donna Wilson
Cute bobble hat, £45, Red Direct

And if you want to give something BACK (I like to give to The Salvation Army at Christmas), then check out this great initiative being run by John Lewis until 6th December, where you can buy a gift (from as little as £2.99) off their giftlist which will automatically go to women and children in Refuge suffering from Domestic Violence. Visit and use the gift list number 522953.


  1. Love this post….and i have never heard of Donna Wilson…off to google her pronto!! I have made a dint in the xmas pressies….very pleased…i have got quite a few bits from Etsy, love that site. All the kind of thing you get on bigger sites like Not on the High Street, but much cheaper as there are no overheads and your £££s go straight to who's making it. xxx

    1. I love etsy! Great for wedding stuff! Donna Wilson is amazing, she is actually in the December issue of Red, so check her out

  2. This is so good and exactly what I do!! Planning ahead! The book people website is really good too as a varient from Amazon. I also make gifts for friends and decide in october what to make and then start collecting all the bits and pieces needed! Also love hte John Lewis gift list for charity! I always do the operation christmas child shoe box appeal and donate both to a doggy charity (so dogs in kennels get a christmas dinner!) and to Samaritans! Makes me feel like I'm spreading the christmas love and luck.

    1. Apparently Daunt Books do a 'book subscription' too, which is very you!

  3. The "guy" cookbook is an excellent idea for Christmas present. It's not too expensive and you won't look like a cheapskate either. My Site


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