Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DIY: Pinboard

I've wanted a pinboard/scrapboard for ages and now our study is almost finished, I decided it was the right time. At the moment, it's quite neat but hopefully in time I'll add to it and it can become a memory wall...

Stretched canvas, £9.99, Rymans. I painted it with Farrow & Ball's 'Manor House Grey' which I had left from my front door

Sifting through my inspirations/memories
Co-ordinating your pins keeps it simple and chic, £6.99, Rymans



  1. I love it!! Golly gosh your moodboards look so so much neater than mine!!!!!lol. I wish i could mount mine on the walls in our little study but not sure if it might be a bit much.


    1. To be honest I think ours is still too neat! Sometimes clutter is a good thing :)


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