Monday, 5 November 2012

Day Trip: Affordable Art Fair

This weekend, I went to the Affordable Art Fair for the first time. Okay, it may be stretching the term 'affordable' a little, but at least its accessible. 
First off, the place is packed: kids, adults, dogs, families. You definitely don't feel self-conscious looking at works of Art costing around £3,000 and in no way are you made to feel it. 
Secondly, there is something for everyone: children's workshops, Laithwaites wine bar, organic food and of course, Art. And it's not all expensive. It isn't. Art is an investment, true, but there are still great prints you can buy for just £40 (most of which are signed), and some more 'affordable' pieces for £250. I loved Lisa Swerling's mad boxes of glitter and miniatures:

We went to the event held in Hampstead, however, they also show at Battersea and Bristol, tickets are £10 but even if you don't buy anything you can, like me, just treat it as a day out at a Gallery browsing lots of new and interesting talent:
The fab neon structure caught my eye straight away!

On the wishlist:

Yasuhiro Onishi

These are all individual measure only about 3x6 inches each!
Volker Kuhn


  1. Looks like a great day out. The Lisa Swerling pieces and the neon pink sculpture would definitely be on my wishlist. Just seen that the Bristol one is in April, so might have to pop along. Great that pieces start at only £40


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