Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interiors Obsession: Neon Signs

I love neon signs, when we went to Las Vegas earlier this year, I made sure we visited the Neon Boneyard (now known as the Neon Museum)in Downtown Vegas (if you are planning a trip, you MUST go) - it is where all the old neon signs from the Vegas we reminisce about - the original Ceasar's Palce sign, Stardust (as above) as well as the sign from The Desert Inn, the Hotel which tried to evict Howard Hughes after he overstayed his welcome. His response? He bought the Hotel.

I am thrilled to see that Neon signs are now becoming a cool interiors craze - I love the idea of owning my own neon sign with a special phrase - but what to write?

Acne store - Peace, Love and Sale (@miraduma Instagram)
Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Union Jacks, image from
Tracey Emin's famous Neon Art
Chair by Lee Broom
This store, selling neon signs, just opened up by my work on Beak Street! Here's my work colleague, Marisa Georgas

Now you can buy your own Neon Sign:

To buy, from £90, The Letter Room

Available from Merles Vintage at Etsy
Looking for a large sign for an event or wedding? Prop stylist Hannah Read Baldrey of Couture Craft Blog told me about the website Vowed & Amazed where you can hire giant letters or the word 'Love' for an event! Much less hassle and you don't have to worry about where to store the letters afterwards!


  1. I was in Gods Own Junk Yard on the weekend! Loved so many of them - especially 'Boudoir' and 'Flowers'.

    1. The bright lights just make you feel happy! Your eyes need a bit of adjustment when you come out, though

  2. Love the 'it is what it is' sign- I always say that!!

  3. I saw something for Gods Own Junk Yard in Stylist today. Definitely going to check it out after reading your post and seeing your picture!

    1. Do! I love that you can actually buy them

  4. great work man thanks for sharing this helpfully knowledge love it i follow your blog Thanks again :)


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