Friday, 21 December 2012

DIY: Headboard

The dream is, obviously, to have a headboard from The White Company:

Dulwich headboard, from £550, The White Company

Until then, however, there is always a bit of DIY. Here, my sister Nicky has made her own headboard from an offcut of MDF, foam and some fabric from John Lewis:

The entire headboard cost £100 - for a Kingsize bead (and Nicky bought too much foam)

The MDF was bought from a Timber yard, staplegun from Homebase, Foam from E-Foam , fabric from John Lewis. If you stand the board against the wall, you only need fabric to cover one side. 

DIY time spent: 10 minutes!

Love these lamps, from Ikea, to give the total White Company feel

Knitted bedroom accessories make a room feel warm as well as looking chic. I love these from Next:

Wool cushion, £20, Next

Knitted throw, £45, Next


  1. I love this neutrals look - very elegant and classic. Also going to have to have a gander in Ikea for those lovely lamp bases - nice!

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