Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ikea Love...

I know its a huge superstore chain and we don't all want our houses to look the same but...I LOVE IKEA.

I don't have a car in London so whenever my sister or mum is going I try and tag along. For Christmas, in fact, all I have asked for is an Ikea wardrobe....

I am also planning a wedding. And I would love it to be low-key, Scandi cool with a LOT of DIY I will be planning quite a few revisits to the Swedish superstore between now and July.

Cool notebooks

Obviously I love  bit of neon and monochrome - but they're stationery is fantastic. I went to the Croydon Ikea, with an entire stationery section - it was heaven!

Kraft paper with spots -very Kusama 

The giant pom-poms are £10 each - I've been looking for grey ones for a while, hoping to recreate the below image for the wedding (wish me luck!):

I bought lots of carafes for the wine...and grey blankets for the chill
What I bought...

Napkins, £2 for 30
Carafe, £1.50
Throw, £10
Vases, 65p each
Bowl (useful for mayo, salt etc - but also chic ashtrays!), £1
Water jug, £2.50


  1. Your IKEA stuff loooks especially nice because you have such a good eye.

    1. Aah, you're so kind! I get a lot of inspiration from blogs and recently: Pinterest!

  2. Love at that happy Ikea face! Where are the meatballs though!??! xx

    South Molton St Style

    1. I did get chips! But was very disappointed as they no longer sell Dime bars!!

  3. I adore Ikea - Esp as I hate feeling like I'm being ripped off on household basic's and they often have some really stylish/quirky bits!
    I hope you went to the cafe - Nom!

    1. So true! I have a few bits from ikea in my flat, mixed with more individual items, which you'd never know!


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