Saturday, 28 January 2012

Plan Your Holiday

  • A big holiday takes a lot of time and money. This year I plan to go to LA with my boyfriend, Edinburgh for a hen weekend, and a big trip to Oktoberfest in Munich for a friend’s 30th. Affording this is no easy task, it involves a lot of planning ahead. I always follow these simple rules:
  •   Buy flights really early. If you book with budget airlines such as Easyjet, generally the earlier you book, the better the deal. Last year I flew to Malaga in peak season for £80 return and Croatia for £75 return.

·         Each payday leading up to the trip, I purchase another stage of the trip, maybe it’s a hotel for a few nights or a train between cities. This payday, I'm booking a hotel for 2 nights in Vegas!

·         One month before the trip, I do a big carboot sale to raise cash for spending money on holiday, this way I don’t eat into my wages on holiday and have to scrimp when I return.

· – this website has saved me so many times. I always look up B+Bs on here that are too small to have their own websites, I mainly look for “best value” yet close to the centre of town. Always check the distance in km/miles as well - sometimes website say '10 minutes from town' and they really mean '10 minutes by bus' I hate spending all my money on taxis to and from dinner.
  • Before I go, I ask friends for recommendations and google recommended restaurants. This way, you never spend an evening in the equivalent of an 'Angus Steakhouse' abroad.

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