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People That Inspire me: Bloggers

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Since starting my blog, I have found it really hard keeping up with regular posts whilst also working a lot of hours in my full-time job. There are a few things that get me through: the amazing feedback I have received from readers...and also the friendships I have made. I find I'm catching up with people I haven't even met face to face on Twitter or Instagram and I know their new purchases, what their flat looks like and where they went to dinner. I especially love the blogging community, so many people have helped me with link problems on my blog, feedback on posts and offered general support.

This post is dedicated to those Bloggers who really inspire me - those with successful blogs who also manage to succeed in their day job too. I know how hard it is!

1. Hannah Rochell: Enbrogue

Full-time job: Fashion writer and stylist for The Times

When did you start your blog?  
I started in September this year, so my blog is pretty new!

What made you start?  
It was fashion week and I was tweeting pictures of the flat shoes I was wearing to the shows each day. They seemed to go down well with my followers and it gave me the idea to start a blog about stylish flat shoes. I'm often asked where my shoes are from, and why I never wear heels, so starting the blog was a very natural progression.

How do you fit in blogging, work, having a life?
During my first week I thought "I have to post something every day!" but I soon realised that was impossible. Not only is it hard to find the time, but I find it means the quality of my posts aren't as good. If a great idea comes to me, I try to write it and post it on the same day if I can while its all fresh in my mind. But if I only do one or two posts a week that's fine, so long as I've had time to do a good job. The blog has it's own Twitter feed and Facebook page, so I can do more regular little posts about things I've seen or what I'm wearing by using those platforms between blog posts. The other thing is, having chosen to write about something I really, really love, it's never a chore! 

Are you also on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram? How do you fit these
into your lifestyle? 
They are an integral part of my lifestyle now, I'd feel a bit lost without them! Twitter and Facebook play a big part in both my fashion and personal lives.  
Instagram (@hannahrochell) was probably one of the main reasons I started the blog. Many of the people I follow just take pictures of their shoes and I was doing the same but wanted to be able to write more as well. I'm also on Pose but I don't think many people have caught onto that yet.

Is there ever a day when you think 'what am I doing this for'/ 'is it worth it'?  
Never, actually. Ask me again in a year!
Advice for anyone starting their own blog?
 Only do it if you have a hook. There are so many fashion blogs that are just posts of what people are wearing, you need that extra pull to draw people in to your blog over the hundreds of others out there. So make it focussed and be really clear about what you're doing from the outset to give yourself the best chance of standing out from the crowd.

2. Anna Hart: South Molton St Style

Full-time job: I run a website called, which is a place to aid bloggers find accurate and impartial information about developing and growing their blogs. It also works to help brands ensure that they are working with the right bloggers for their specific campaigns.

What made you start your blog?

I had just come out of 3 years working in the city, and my wardrobe reaked of it. Everything was grey, other than the same shirts in every colour.  I moved into the media industry and had no idea how to dress myself - which I really needed to be able to when I was meeting people from magazines every day. Basically, the blog was (and still is) my way of keeping my fashion choices in check.

How do you fit in blogging, work, having a life?

That is the grand question!  So many people ask me this…there is no miracle answer.  In a nutshell if you want to make something work, it just does. I blog at weekends and schedule posts, I have a constant 'inspiration list' in my phone, I check my Twitter feeds when I'm rushing from one meeting to the next…I also take friends along to events because it kills two birds with one stone!

Where do you find inspiration?

I go shopping far more than is healthy, but the great thing about the blog is that I can now use the 'needing inspiration' excuse!  I think it's important to have tried on clothes that you recommend for yourself. I also read Elle, Red and Instyle on a regular basis - oooh and Stylist Magazine's lust list is always good food for thought.

Did you have any training/ lessons in blogging when you first started out, or did you just learn as you went?

I was completely self taught until recently, where I went to a few classes at the General Assembly on affiliate networking, SEO and accumulating traffic.  Blogging isn't difficult, but finding the information in one place is.  That's why I have started my site, pitch&post. There is also a huge taboo around talking about blogger compensation which I really do not understand - it happens, and the more it is talked about the more standardised everything will become which is best for all. Also, since I have signed with Handpicked Media I can use their weekly 'drop in' sessions for any help I need which is exceptionally helpful.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you, since starting up your blog?

Definitely the friends I have made a long the way, which is a lovely little extra.  We're a lovely bunch us bloggers, but we work on our own often at home at silly hours. It's lovely when you have friends who blog too, you can attend events, tackle problems and drink too many cocktails at fashion weeks together.

3. Anneli Willis: What I Bought Today

Full-time job: Heading up the PR & Marketing department for Bestseller UK, looking after a range of Scandinavian fashion brands, such as Selected Femme/Homme, Vila, Vero Moda, Pieces.

When did you start your blog and why? 

I started my blog nearly a year ago, in the beginning of January 2012. I had another fashion blog together with my best friend while we were studying Fashion Communications in Barcelona 4 years ago. It started off as a part of project, but developed into a full-time blog when we started to gain quite a big following. We closed down the blog after moving to each our different city and started working full-time. After having a 3 year break – many people around me were urging me to start up a blog again. I didn’t just want to start a ‘normal’ fashion blog - and that’s when the idea came about to document my extensive shopping habits as the main concept, across both fashion and lifestyle. 

How do you fit your blog around your life? It’s hard; I am not going to lie. My working hours never really stop, and I seem to spend my life with a computer. In the very beginning, I loved working on the blog every spare minute I could - now I have realised the importance of finding a healthy balance between total focus at work, socialising with friends and setting aside a dedicated hour per day with the blog.  At the moment, I am managing – just about. 

Are you on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram?
Yes, of course! I think these are such a great way to connect with you readers, as well as communicating and ‘networking’ with like-minded professionals. I have already gained several friends trough the cyber sphere – one being the lovely Briony from A Girl, A Style. I am also obsessed with Pinterest. I try to ‘pin’ every day; it gives me my daily dose of creativity and inspiration! 

Where do you find inspiration? 

I see myself as quite a creative person, so I tend to seek out inspiration in everyday life without really thinking about it. I love to read other blogs as well, both fashion and lifestyle. I get inspiration from the quality of pictures, styles and feel of the blog – it makes me constantly aspire to make my own even better! 

Are there any blogs you enjoy reading, pulling inspiration from? There are so many! Below are only a few of the ones I love to read.


  1. My am I glad you posted this! These are 3 amazing blogs that quite frankly are now my must-reads - BUT credit where credits due lady, I love your blog.... For me, it fits in well with my life with the right balance of EVERYTHING. So a round of applause for you.

    Scribbs xx

    1. Aahh, thanks! So interesting as i feel my blog has changed from what I initially thought -but for the better!

  2. Ah what great blogs! I have read some of them, but I always read Anneli's blog daily. She has such great taste. As do you Alex, I love reading your blog :) You have great style, I can't wait to read more about your wedding! Bee xx

    1. Thank you so much - wedding planning is all going well - trying to keep it a surprise until the big day but will definitely keep you updated!

  3. Oh no, this post just reminded me that I still owe you an email for this post (the perils of balancing a full time job and blog for me is that my inbox is a permanent disaster and I forget I haven't replied to things).

    Regardless, thank you for this wonderful post! It's always so wonderful to hear how the day to day reality for other bloggers in the same boat as me (working + blogging) manage it, and what keeps them going. And you are one of my best inspirations for this!

    Briony xx

  4. What a wonderful post! It's very interesting to see how these very stylish, and very busy, women manage to fit so many things in their days. So inspiring, and it's definitely making me rethink the use of my time and energy. Plus, it's always nice to discover more lovely blogs to read!

  5. Great inspiration, thank you. Really interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on the blogging world – am just getting started really so all advice I am soaking up like a sponge! As always, love your blog!
    c x

  6. I love Anneli's blog & yours too - they are my faves X

  7. A big thank you for featuring me Alex - your blog was a big inspiration for me to start mine up in the first place, so I'm thrilled to be included! xxx


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