Saturday, 19 January 2013

This month I'm...

...Wearing my M&S statement necklace from the S/S Press Day(comes out in February, will let you know when it does - am googling daily!)

...Booking my honeymoon! We're going to Japan, we have booked return flights to Tokyo through the Virgin Atlantic Sale and now spending evenings working out where to go with our guidebooks. This article from the Telegraph by Joan Bakewell has really inspired me too, as she finds the right mix between culture, relaxation and Manga (my boyfriend is a huge fan). Although we've both been to Tokyo before, the planning and travelling around Japan's countryside still seems very daunting, all we know is we want to ride the Shinkansen (bullet train) and visit Tokyo, Kyoto and maybe the Okinawa Islands (I still want a little bit of beach on my honeymoon!). So we've booked an appointment in with Unique Japan Tours this week to help us make decisions, buy railcards and plan a feasible tour - we can't wait!
Down to business...
Shinkansen passing Mount Fuji
A fraction of my boyfriend's Manga collection

...researching new brands - check out this gorgeous watch by new cool designer Olivia Burton (seen in Stylist's Style List last month). Already stocked at Harvey Nichols, these watches are on my kind of budget. Monochrome is huge for next season, and we're already loving the wildlife trend, so its ticking all the boxes:

Leather and gold-plated watch, £57, Olivia Burton at Miinto


  1. I'm so excited you're going to Tokyo! The good news is that once you're there and have accomodation, daily expenses are cheap (I can honestly say that the best food are the cheap 'mom & pop shops' - ie. tiny cafes that sell just one thing and their family has been selling that food for generations - and wherever the businessmen and locals eat which are much cheaper than London places).

    I'd highly recommend: an overnight trip to a traditional rykyoan in either Hakone (the Japanese equivalent of the Lake District; a hot spring area in the mountains about an hour by train from Tokyo where the Japanese people go for holidays) or on a lake by Mt Fuji, a trip to Kyoto (traditional ryokans, temples and Geisha girls), a dawn trip to the Tsukiji fish market for the sheer adventure, a visit to the 'Kitchenware Town' ( for beautiful Japanese teacups, chopsticks, kitchenware and plates at wholesale prices (as in about £1 each or about a twentieth of what you'll find them for in the department stores) and the big shrine nearby (and also buying a lucky charm and making a wish when you're there), buying stationery in Tokyu Hands, and having a go at the crazy amusement parlour games for the sheer novelty of it.

    Briony xx


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