Thursday, 14 February 2013


This is my first weekend back in the UK for a while, so I made the most of it and threw myself back into wedding plans! First stop was wedding venue scouting. I'd already booked a tent for the garden but it was nice to finally see it up close! I took the opportunity to wear my new Savannah jumper.
Savannah Miller has quashed her critics with her successful solo collection. And not only is it cool, easy and wearable, it's affordable too! Phew.
Stocked exclusively at (which is a great website in itself, you should check it out):

Moon and stars sequin jumper, coming soon, Savannah
Jerry knit, £25.95 in the sale, Savannah at

Jane dress, £25.95 in the sale, Savannah at
Speaking of amazing bargains, check out this fab Asos purchase, as spotted on Anneli from What I Bought Today


Coat, £21 in the sale, Asos
That's it from me until London Fashion Week starts on Friday, where I will be posting daily updates on my outfits - wish me luck!


  1. Did you end up buying the leopard coat?? Such a steal. Ax

    1. No, sadly I didn't...still need to wait until payday :( but a few friends did, so waiting to hear how they find it! What a find....

  2. Good finds and really well priced! Good luck with LFW! Very jealous but looking forward to the outfit posts!! :)


    1. Thank you! About to have a little raid of my wardrobe right now!

  3. Ello! Sent you an email telling you how much I loved your blog and you wrote me back so sweetly. Just laughing because I own this Asos coat too. It's the bee's knees!


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