Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day Trip: Dior at Harrods

Until April 14th, Harrods is unveiling an exclusive insight into the world of Dior and all things British. Follow the Dior grey and white British telephone booths up to the fourth floor for something rather different...

Free to go, this mini exhibition is definitely worth a visit - it is, in my opinion, on par with the Alexander McQueen exhibition at The Metropolitan in New York...see dresses exclusively drawn from the Dior Archive and enjoy a little history lesson in everything Dior - from the 'New Look' to the modern day - a must-see for Fashion lovers.

Dress worn by Audrey Hepburn - look at the teeny waist!

Dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor for the 1961 Academy Awards
There are exclusive events going on instore, too. My favourite is the sound of the Fashion Nail Mania in the beauty hall - you pick your favourite Dior 'look' and have it replicated onto your nails - join the queue!

Oh, and did I mention the cafe?!
In my favourite shade, grey, the sweetest corridor has been re-invented into a beautiful narrow cafe with waiter service and delicious food served from a menu from Monsier Dior's very own cook book. They serve afternoon tea here, as well, I would say it's worth a little splurge!

Even the sandwiches have Dior handbag toothpicks!


  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm in London next weekend, guess where you'll find me?

    1. Love this. Let me know what you think!

    2. Well, Mr Dior didn't let me down, not that I really expected him too.
      On Saturday morning the lovely Richard provided an extremely informative tour. Said tour took about half an hour even though the average is 10 mins. Sorry Richard for so many questions, which were all answered with enthusiasm. Even my husband got involved discussing Dior's fascination with architecture! Original sketches, designs, dresses and ads - what an amazing exhibition! Big thanks to the Dior archivists, Harrods and of course the lovely Alex for informing us.

    3. How fabulous. SO pleased you enjoyed it x

  2. This looks fantastic. Hopefully will manage a trip to London before it finishes! x


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