Monday, 4 March 2013

Frugal Love: Cushions

Yes, I have got to the age where I am interested in cushions. Last month I joined Vine...and what was the first video I posted? Cushions! 
They make you feel at home, they make you feel cosy, they look cool and they're relatively cheap purchase that make a difference to a room.

From the back: Monochrome: Ikea. Grey: Habitat. Butterfly: Conran at Marks + Spencer
I love the Conran range at Marks + Spencer - it's a much friendlier pricetag with all the style you'd expect:

Pear cushion (with spotty underside), £25, Conran at Marks + Spencer

Framed wall Art, £35, Conran at Marks + Spencer
I've always thought Habitat quite expensive, but I've bought some great items lately, really reasonably:

Cushion, £10, Habitat

Side table, £25, Habitat
Next on my list: Coffee table, £35, Habitat
New 'Scandi' edition cushion, Gudrun Sjoden
I'd quite like a Gudrun Sjoden life:

Images from
Cushion cover, £12.99, H+M Home
Cushion covers, from £7.99, H+M Home (I've bought so much wedding stuff from here)
Best of the rest:

Cushions, £10 each, Ikea
Wool cushion, £40, HowKapow
Cushion, £30, Rockett St George


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