Monday, 18 March 2013

Urban Outfitters Home...who knew?

Well, some of you knew, clearly. I first spied a rug on stylist friend Lynda Bell's Instagram and have since been seeing their fab pieces all over the web. Cool, quirky and most importantly: affordable!

Rug, £12, Urban Outfitters
Rug, £35, Urban Outfitters
I have my eye on this one for my study, £35, Urban Outfitters
Also loving:

Rug, £55, Ikea
As seen in another stylist friend's home, MusingsFromALondonMum:

Rug, £66.50, Cafe Press
Rug, £99.99, Zara Home

Chevron just feels very modern at the moment, it's what I call the "Jonathan Adler" effect, which for me, currently, is the dream!

Alpaca wool throw, £295, Jonathan Adler can make your own through this DIY Tutorial via The Elli Blog

See the tutorial here


  1. Our living room rug is a gorgeous bright pink and blue number from Urban Outfitters, I found it in the sale a year or so ago and love it!

    Sophie x

    1. I honestly didn't know they did homewards until a month ago! Now I'm obsessed!

  2. I am loving the orange triangles one! Thinking that could go in the nursery but quite tempted to inject some colour in my living room ... Hmm, only £35 ... One for each room?? Not v frugal!

    1. It becomes less frugal when you buy in bulk, obviously! But very tempting.....


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