Thursday, 11 April 2013

Behind The Scenes: LA

Fendi bag, Red Magazine, shot by David Mandelberg
Back in January, I was in LA styling a shoot for Red magazine. Whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to visit a newly-engaged friend in San Diego and work on two 10-page shoots - all in 5 days.

The theme of the shoot was 'Crayola' colour - bold bright, block colours. We worked with a gorgeous model who made everything look fantastic.

Valentino, Smythson and Louis Vuitton bags
Trying on the mad Prada S/S sunglasses

My excitement when the shoot finally came out last week!
Louis Vuitton S/S on catwalk (
Louis Vuitton S/S on set (this dress was actually covered in millions of tiny sequins)
Some of the final edit, shot by David Mandelberg. Model: Bekah Jenkins


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