Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Trend Round-up...

...just a little hint of what I saw at the shows and what you should be buying next season (or, if you're savvy...looking out for in the shops, now):


Look for:
  • Dirndl skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Faux fur stoles
  • Negligee hems
  • Waisted belts

Editor's Tip:
Pick up a plaid coat instore July-August. At the time it will seem ridiculous to be picking up a coat but I promise, the best coats land instore first. 


Saint Laurent (style.com)

Givenchy (style.com)
How we (normal people) incorporate into our wardrobes:

  • Mohair long cardigan over a tea dress this summer
  • Silk plaid shirt with boyfriend jeans 
  • Flat biker boots with a dress 
Your inspiration for next season:

Angela and Rianne from 'My So Called Life'

4) PVC

I think a PVC coated black or grey trench would be the best way to invest on this trend.It's scary at first, but I think we thought that about leather tops 5 years ago and now they're a staple wardrobe piece...

Micro-trends I loved:


Marabou - LOVE the idea of the crisp white shirt with marabou skirt

Pink (obviously...)

Believe it or not, I'm a huge fan of this last trend...and I'm going to invest in a pink coat from Danish designer Ganni to make my outfit 'pop' (see my post on investing in statement pieces here). 

Coat, Ganni


  1. Great post! Always good to have a round up of trends to come! Thanks Alex. When is the Ganni coat hitting shops? Or where can it be purchased now? I need it in my life, as soon as possible!

    1. Thanks...I love working with trends and picking which bits I'll invest in now and what will fade...the Ganni coat is amazing! It was on my-wardrobe for a bit but sold out...I've sneakily got one in the office and holding it ransom until they let me buy it...but will let you know if it comes back online as it's been so popular x


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