Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fashion Maths

It's just common sense really. I know making your own lunch everyday is not glamorous but maybe try it for one week and see how you go. I tend just to make a bigger batch of food like curry and soup and take the leftovers for work, so it really doesn't cost you too much extra (and doesn't feel like a chore).

It's also probably not too healthy but I also find that by eating at my desk, I stay away from shops and temptation!

If you made your lunch everyday for a could buy this*
Sweatshirt, £95, Zoe Karsson

Yes, it's the Zoe Karsson sweatshirt I've been dreaming about for a few months now...

And over 3 months?
'Linda' sandals, £225, Stella McCartney at MatchesFashion

or these...

'Wheel' slipper shoes, £295, Jimmy Choo

Mix these pieces with your Asos jeans, and you've got a whole new wardrobe!

*this is assuming you'd spend £5 (at least) a day on food. Don't judge me, Maths is not my strongest subject.


  1. So right! When I'm working I make my own lunch for sure! I've got my Asos Brady jeans - post up today about them!! X

    1. I am so glad you love them - the wash you got is so good as've tempted me back onto the site as think I need another pair, now ;)

  2. You are so right! Unfortunately I have expensive taste, but not a huge salary to match. So I afford my designer treats by: always taking my own lunch, not buying takeaway coffees (I keep a French press and a supply of tea and honey in my desk drawer), and not impulse shopping in my lunch breaks. And with all the money I save by not wasting it on frivolous things each month, I buy myself one thing I've been wanting. Win-win!

    Briony xx

  3. Very good advice! What I also do, especially when it comes to designer pieces, is to make a careful selection at the beginning of the season of what I really like, things that can stand the test of time and trends. And yes, stay away from shops or website like Net-A-Porter helps A LOT! Caterina


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