Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Felt Sew Good

'Felt Sew Good' by Christine Leech, published by Quadrille, £11.69, Amazon
Congratulations to my friend, Christine Leech, who has created this wonderful book of simple DIY crafts and projects.
Christine is a talented Art Director, who has worked on many glossy women's magazines, collaborated on books 'Everything Oz' and 'Everything Alice' AND edits her own craft blog (which I love) Sew Yeah.

As a bit of an exclusive (thank you very much), I thought we'd share one of Christine's creations - the grey felt cushion. Everyone familiar with my blog will know about my love affair with all things grey (as well as cushions!). I am really impressed with how easy the step-by-step instructions are, and will definitely be giving this a go shortly. Watch this space....

Good Luck! x
'Felt Sew Good' is out now and available online. Also currently out, Christine's other book 'Little Sew and Sew'.


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