Thursday, 9 May 2013

Postcards from Amsterdam

I'm not going to discuss too much, as I will be writing up a piece for Red Magazine but thought I'd share some photos:

I have to travel in comfort - my trainers are the way forward.

Amsterdam as you imagine it
My new favourite shop, which I was recommended by a local (always the best) is called Hema - and I bought almost the entire shop! It is similar to Target in America, or Wilkinsons over here (but far more glamorous).

Just look at the stationery department!
From beauty products, to stationery, to kitchenwares and could lose yourself for hours. I bought (all of these were essentials!):
  • Neon pink iPhone case €4
  • Perspex folder holder €2.50
  • Nail varnishes €3 each
  • Grey candlestick holders €3 each
  • Grey candles €2 for 8
  • Light fitting with cool monochrome cord €9
My new candlestick holders


  1. Can't wait to see the piece. I've been to Amsterdam in March and got myself beautiful pair of United Nude

  2. What make and style r ur trainers?

    1. They're nike vortex (I think) - I got them online at - they have such a good range of trainers


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