Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day trip: Ascot

Last week, I went to Royal Ascot - and what a splendid day it was!

The Royal Procession
There were quite a few firsts: I had never been to Royal Ascot,  I had never worn a hat for an event, and I had never seen the Queen! Thanks to the wonderful PR Team at Harrods (my hosts for the day), we had a fun day of people-watching, (minimal amount of) betting and communal singing to a brass band. We have actually hired a brass band to play at our wedding, so it really got me excited.

Hat: £59, Mooi Millinery, Dress: H+M, Bag: Jimmy Choo, Shoes: £300, Sophia Webster at Browns

My friend has just set up her own millinery label - I got so many compliments on my 'Rosie' hat, £59, Mooi Millinery
I must admit, for someone who doesn't usually wear hats, it is a bit of a minefield. I'm definitely not one for a full-on big hat so tried a few out at home. These are my favourite designers:

Mooi Millinery, William Chambers, Gabrielle Djanogly

Mooi Ginsburg, wearing one of her own designs, at Ascot (the rest of the outfit is Zara - girl after my own heart)

My favourite new flats, breaking them in for the evening reception of my wedding, £300, Sophia Webster at Browns
The rest of our Ascot group, wearing Victoria Grant, available at Harrods
I love the stripe Whistles dress, worn by the Press Officer of Harrods. Perfect for the Ascot dress code - chic without thin straps:

Silk dress, £165, Whistles

My leather jacket is from MiH Jeans
Hats for Fashion-y People (or try making your own!):

Benoit Missolin
Hairband, £230, Maison Michel at Browns
Made to order, Victoria grant at Avenue 32

My winnings? Absolutely zero. That'll teach me for choosing a jockey on the colour of his jacket!


  1. I can't decide which of your accessories I love the most! x

    1. I've really had an accessories splurge, lately! I think it's with all the wedding planning, I don't feel like it's real money anymore (I must admit post wedding, I'll have to do a lot of paying off my interest free credit cards!)


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