Sunday, 9 June 2013

Postcards from LA...

This is the only photo I have from the past weekend in LA - it was very busy, and very H.O.T (over 35 degrees in the desert with no shade). I was so pleased to have packed this Cos dress, originally bought for my honeymoon wardrobe - it's the only thing cool enough in my wardrobe to wear! The helmet is a prop from Hugo Boss for my latest shoot - now all I need is a motorbike to match...

Dress, £59, Cos
I bought a lot of my honeymoon wardrobe from Cos, you can really build a great, classic capsule wardrobe from here.

Cotton box-pleat top, £55, Cos

Neoprene skirt, £39.99, Zara
Similar to my favourite skirt this season, by Mother of Pearl, available at Fenwick:

Oh, one last thing...whilst in my Hotel in LA, I fell in love with a bag. He's called Louis:


  1. Love those tan sandals pictured with the Zara skirt and COS top! Where are they from?

    Really enjoy checking your blog- really inspiring and accessible :)

    Mine is - check it out when you get a moment! x

    1. Hi, they're from Zara - they have a foam sole and really light! Thanks for looking at my blog! x


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