Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Frugal Findings: Forever 21

This is rather unusual for me. I've always been a bit wary of this store in the past. It always feels a bit jumble sale to me and full of teenagers. But you know when you go on holiday and you see a store in a different light and it feels okay to go in? That happened.
In Harajuku, we happened to pass a five floor store with a great window display...I hadn't really had much retail therapy (except stickers, of course) so my husband indulged (there was menswear, after all). I came out with a shirt, jumper, sunglasses and 2 necklaces for the equivalent of £40!
There are still a few scary crop tops I won't be giving a try, but some of their accessories were amazing. They even had a fab burgundy chiffon plaid full length skirt (very grown-up grunge) which I'm gutted I didn't bring back, too...

Post shop
My Delfina Delletrez-style lips necklace, £3.90, Forever 21

My new sunglasses. I'd only packed one pair for the entire holiday, so it was nice to put some new ones on.
Isabel Marant style shirt (note the Hello Kitty iPhone cover)
I almost bought these jeans...kind of gutted I didn't
Love this jumper (with the plaid skirt I loved)
Available right now (just try not to let the crop top distract you, I made it small):


  1. Hi there! The lips necklace is so cute and I really love the khaki camo skinnies on you too, sounds like you can pick up some good pieces from there!

  2. Gorgeous finds - I LOVE that blouse and those sunglasses too.

  3. You so should have got those jeans! x


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