Sunday, 4 August 2013

On trend: One-piece swimsuits

£96, J Crew
This season is all about the one-piece. To cover-up is to look chic and classy on the beach. My friend recently wore a gorgeous sprig print one-piece from Boden on my hen weekend and I was so jealous of it I wasn't the slightest bit concerned about not having a brown stomach.

£34, Topshop
£32, Accessorize
£108, Anthropologie
£32, Asos

£32, Topshop
£29.50, Marks + Spencer
I have also just spotted this in the Boden clearance section - what a perfect accompaniment to your one-piece on holiday (it's kid's but at £7.20, I'm sure we could get away with it!):

Bag, £7.20, Boden

Trend Layer
Quirky trends that only come out in summer:

In LOVE with this bikini! Top, £47, bottoms £38.47, J Crew

Pineapples and shells!
Investing in some of these flats was the best thing I did this summer (apart from get married!), £245, Penelope Chilvers


  1. Next used to do a pineapple lamp, but I can't find it online. Graham and Green have one too -
    Mandy x

    1. Oh thanks! Love it...need to start saving again for interiors - my flat has been so neglected recently. Wish Next did one though, sure it'd be much more within budget!


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