Monday, 19 August 2013

Website of the month: Vestiaire Collective

I briefly wrote about Vestiaire Collective (here) back when I started my blog last year, and since then the site has grown from strength to strength and is now THE place to buy second-hand designer clothes. Everything on the site is vetted by a team of experts, so there is no risk of fakes, all product is in excellent condition and they make sure that everything sold is a product that will sell, so you are guaranteed up to date trends. Each item is sold at a fixed price too, which for me is often a relief.

I often browse eBay for clothing and am always left disappointed. Don't get me wrong, you can get great bargains but I find myself looking for newer, cooler brands like Carven, Thu Thu or Isabel Marant. Click on Vestiaire and they all come up immediately, as if they knew, or something!

Linen dress, £170, Isabel Marant at Vestiare Collective. Sandals, £99, Hobbs at Atterley Road

I bought as Isabel Marant dress as a treat for my honeymoon - I love her hippy style clothes for holidays but didn't have £600 spare a brand new took a little while to arrive as it was being checked by experts in Paris but it was definitely worth the wait. I love it.

Here are some items I currently love (but be warned, things sell out quickly - don't be surprised if these are gone by the time you've clicked!). It also lets you know if products are in someone else's basket (so you can decide to be kind and let them checkout with it, or sneak in and nab it now!):

Celine for £265, Vestiaire
Sandro dress, £76.79, Vestiaire (Deep V-necks are huge next season)
Carven dress, £170.65, Vestiaire


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