Wednesday, 4 September 2013

*New Purchase* MiH Jeans star print top

As I mentioned before, I have a bit more free time (and money) to! Last week I met my parents in Harvey Nichols (my mum decided to try the permanent blowdry from Hersheson's on my recommendation) for lunch. I love the top floor cafe, it does grest food, always bustling but you can usually get a table.

Yummy cheeseburger
 I wore my 'new breton' - the star print jumper from Mih which I loved ever since I saw it at my Atterley Road preview a few months back. it has just landed online and I bagged it.

Trench: Burberry. Top: MiH at Atterley Road. Jeans: £15 at Asos. Shoes: Office. Bag: £20 at Brand Village

Cotton top, £75, MiH Jeans at Atterley Road
I love the shape of this top, it's so easy - and it's so nice to have a cool, relaxed top which isn't striped for once. The sleeves turn up really easily and it looks great with jeans. These are my Asos jeans which I have worn all summer...they are reduced to £15 in the sale - I might have to get back-up pairs!

'Brady' jeans, £15, Asos
I love the look of the new 'Brady' jeans, too..

Jeans, £38, Asos


  1. Lovely outfit, that star print top is cute and nicely different from a breton (although I LIVE in my bretons!).

    Just started following you :)


    1. Thank you for following :) I live in my bretons too, so it's nice to have one a (slight) bit different!

  2. Love that top - and the jeans are fab too. Off for a closer look... Ax

  3. I've had my eye on the star top as well and you may well have helped me make my mind up. Lovely.

  4. Jeans are lovely, especially for £15!

  5. rushed out to find the star top - loved it on you but clearly i'm not the right shape for it as it made me look strangely boxy.... keep the great tips coming though !

    1. Oh no...yes it is rather boxy (but that is quite good on my boyish shape), I definitely have to shrug the sleeves up and 'style it up' a bit!


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