Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day Trip: Lowry at The Tate

A few weekends ago, I visited the Tate Britain with my family - the sun was out and I love London in the sunshine. The exhibition was great, however, just too crowded to really get a good insight.
I actually prefer the permanent collection (which is free to visit) - the beautiful JW Waterhouse 'Lady of Shallot' and two of my favourite Hockney paintings: 'A Bigger Splash' and 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy'...

'A Bigger Splash' postcard on my bedroom wall..
Jacket: H+M. Sunglasses: Valentino. Embellished wool jumper: Twiggy for M+S Collection. Jeans: Koral. Bag: £35, Accessorize

Accessorize, £35
I saw this bag when we were prepping the November issue of Red and HAD to get it. It's just like the Victoria Beckham one I have been obsessing over...and I always buy small cross-body bags but for work, I need something on a larger scale to carry all my wares.

The Victoria Beckham version, £1695. If only...


  1. Hi, a bigger splash is one of my favourite paintings having copied it at a level a long time ago!!..apart from that I love your h&m coat is it recent?, the bag is fab too, it looks so much more expensive!

    1. No, the H&M coat was a while's also not warm enough for the storms and 80mph winds we're about to endure this weekend apparebtly!

  2. I love Tate Britain. Its very close to our London offices and my favourite lunchtime/de-stressing hangout! I also love the jacket, you can always trust H&M for a nifty thrifty item of fashion! Ann x

  3. i have checked this site a few times now and i have to say that Neuroluma i find it quite exeptional actually. keep it up! do you have an rss feed?


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