Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tips From The Pros...

My tips this month:

As a constant glasses wearer, I am always stunned to find out how much contact lenses are (and can never remember my prescription). I save time, money and effort by buying mine from visiondirect - the difference is almost half the cost of when I buy at my local opticians. It's free delivery, too.

This website is a must for families, as my friends always discuss how hard it is to keep little ones busy! Little Bird is a website with ideas and adventures with kids at discount prices. Genius.

Today I'm also bringing you some frugal tips from my friends at Wear & Where - a blog set up by a super cool journalist duo Natasha and Alex from top glossy magazines. I was lucky enough to be featured on their blog a little while back (see the piece here) and here they share a few of their frugal tips.

Look for membership. 
Signing up as a member doesn't sound likefrugal option, but in many cases it is much cheaper than simply buying a ticket or paying to go somewhere. For instance, I am a member of Kew Gardens (a dream if you have kids) and a year's membership costs the equivalent of two separate entries AND you get to bring a family member in for free - it's a great deal.
Sign up, sign up
I love shopping. I really love a bargain. But with a job and child, I now have a lot less time to scour the high street/hit Bicester village. If you sign up to members' sites, you can snaffle some great (designer) bargains. I love Achica for homewares; Cocosa for designer clothes, Casabu for children's paraphernalia and Half-Pint Chic, for gorgeous designer baby and children's clothes at a fraction of the cost. And if you want to keep in the loop about designer sample sales, then A Little Bird has good listings. Moreover, members sites are free to join – what are you waiting for? Do also follow your favourite brands on Facebook and Twitter – they sometimes do special offers for followers, like 20% off for 24 hours.

My daughter and I are book fiends. Quite honestly, I never think that money spent on a book is wasted (unless the book is truly dreadful), but little people get bored of books quickly, so we are regulars at our local library (most libraries also have a free story time) - they can get you pretty much any book you want. You can also search and buy secondhand books on Oxfam, so not only are your saving money and improving your mind, but you're also donating to a very worthy charity.
Thank you Natasha and Alex for your contributions!


  1. Great blog thankyou! We're national trust members as it's such great value!

  2. for contact lenses I can't recommend enough - the water content is very high and find the quality much better than the Focus Dailies I used to wear. have converted my whole family!

    1. Oh I'll take a look. I find it so hard to wear contact lenses as they can be so scratchy and end up only using on 'special' occasions' (like my wedding!) x

    2. I'm the same but I have found the daysoft a bit more comfortable than focus dailies/specsavers ones and they're a good bit cheaper too!

  3. Hello, could you please give a link to the children's little bird discount site. I cant find it via google.

    1. So sorry - have added thelink to the post (thought I did!) but here is the link:

  4. Membership does help you to save money sometimes.


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