Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Style buy: PVC skirt

Coat: Asos. Jumper: J Crew (similar here). Skirt: River Island. Boots: Office
Okay it doesn't look very 'high-shine' right here, but it is! And I have made it look effortless and a natural part of my wardrobe. This is because it can be. 

Granted, my husband looked a bit worried when I first brought it out of the bag but after styling it up, he agreed it "wasn't that bad"....I'll take that compliment. With the fail-safe Fashion Textbook rule of 'dress it down with a jumper', this wipe-clean skirt has turned from S&M into a cool everyday piece.

Skirt, reduced to £15 in the sale, River Island
 Wear it with trainers...why not?

Wearing with Gap jumper, Helen Moore faux fur stole and Nikes (buy similar here).
FYI...River Island has some other GREAT skirts in right now, in general...

Skirt, £35, River Island

Neoprene skirt, £35, River Island

Trainer tip: Urban outfitters probably do the best range of trainers you can find. It's hard to find my exact style of my Nike trainers around now, but these from New Balance are close (and possibly nicer):

£60, New Balance exclusive to Urban Outfitters


  1. So I completely love all of this look those river island skirts are fab, sometimes they get a trend so right (sometimes so wrong!) love the trainers, I think I am too old for the PVC but am thinking about the whistles pleather skirt...would that work? X

    1. Oh yes - sometimes they hit the nail on the head...and sometimes there is just too. much. bling! I LOVE the Whistles pleather skirt. The thing about this skirt is it is partly abput the material, and partly about the shape....and the whistles one fits perfectly x

  2. Wow I'd usually totally overrule anything like that skirt if I saw it on the hanger in a shop but you've styled it beautifully.

    1. I must admit, I saw it on someone else first.....I probably would've done exactly the same!

  3. Love the coat... great way in to plaid and check.

  4. Just found your blog and I am loving it!
    Coat looks lovely on you with that amazing skirt. Been wanting one like that for ages but cannot find a black one anywhere!

    Can't wait to read more of your posts

    Taz and Bear

  5. It's ordered. I shall wear mine with black patent DM's and a grey sweatshirt - can't wait... thank you for the courageous inspiration I firmly believe that fashion should be fun


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