Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chicken Shop


The Chicken Shop has finally opened at Tooting Broadway. To say I am beyond excited is an understatement, as a resident for 7 years and a supporter of Tooting pretty much all my life it was a long time coming but the community spirit and buzz around the new openings is thrilling.
Chicken, coleslaw, chips and cider. The Dream.

Obviously the top ones are press photos and the last few grainy pics are mine...but I have to say it was delicious. A quarter chicken is only £4 and more than enough for a single person, it comes within 4 minutes from the rotisserie and seasoned to perfection. It is quite dark and candlelit but this adds to the ambience, it has a real buzz inside - half is atmosphere and the other half is disbelief that anything this cool has opened up in our neighbourhood. But thank goodness it has. I had a lovely dinner with my sister (you have to try the apple pie - it was out of this world) and then enjoyed some live music inside Tooting Market. Freedom for Tooting!


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