Friday, 17 January 2014

(Cool) heels under £30

Stylish, comfortable heels, for under £30. It cannot be. And from M&S?
YES. The Mary Katrantzou style print teamed with the Nicholas Kirkwood inspired chunky heel gets a big thumbs up from me. And with Marks & Spencer's clever 'insolia' technology, you can guarantee they'll be the comfiest heels you ever wore.

Shoes, £29.50, Marks + Spencer
Wear with:

Sweatshirt, £75, Whistles
Jeans, £29.99, H+M


  1. I have ordered them, they are currently waiting at my local M&S for me to collect, thanks so much for the tip off on why doesn't M&S use this thinking on more of their clothes..then they would maybe see an increase in sales?! x

  2. They're stunning! And M&S could do with some of your help with their photography too...they look about 100 times more stylish in your photo. I'd probably have overlooked them on their own website! Great sweatshirt too...have a good weekend Alex! Avril x

  3. WOW! Amazing shoes. Completely agree with the comments above. The photography on the M&S website is woeful and the clothes have gone downhill again after a great revamp a few years ago. The shoes remind me of a fantastic pair I have from BIBA. Thanks for the post, like others have said I wouldn't have looked twice at them online. :-)

  4. Forgot to ask about the trousers you're wearing in the pic. Can we see a full pic to see if they are as lovely as I think they are? :-)

  5. Gorgeous shoes! If I wasn't 6ft I'd of Purchased them for sure. I can't seem to find the sweatshirt you've featured on the Whistles web site. More full length pics of your outfits would be fab Alex - need some inspiration!! X

  6. Gorgeous - they look amazing on your feet!! I have ordered them - risky business here in Atlanta ordering shoes from the UK - fingers crossed they are perfect...LOVE the print - so NOT me - but that's what is so fun about trying new things xx

  7. I have ordered too! I also bought the Karen Brady loves bag you posted about last year. I got it in the sale - a snip at £12 and compliments my Studio Nicholson men's cut pink coat - which sadly was not half price, but worth it! I think these will top off the combo nicely. Anyone now ordered and received - have they lived up to Alex's fab pics?

  8. I keep hearing about 'insolia'! Those are cute too! Will have to check them out.

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