Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yoga with a view

January 2014. New year, new me and all that.

I've been trying to do a little bit of exercise every week. Red are running a #Red120 fit club in the office (2 hours of the right exercise a week) and although I would love to take part, I am a realist. Instead, I am snatching bits of exercise where I can. 

So when Gap invited me to a private yoga class with Nadia Narain on top of The Shard as the sun rose, I jumped at the chance. And luckily for me, they provided some of their cool, new range of GapFit as no one would want to see me in my usual workout kit of old tracksuit bottoms and a polo shirt from school... 

7:30am start!

I have done yoga only once in my life, about 7 years ago, so it was nerve-wracking and I must admit, it was nice feeling that I had a "cool" kit. Sadly, it was one of my concerns, that I'd be the one without the right 'yoga' clothes. The new collection is right up my street: greys with pops of neon and clean lines, it's really good value too, it shows you don't have to spend a fortune for quality fitness wear.

Nadia was amazing, making us all feel really at ease. Just looking at her slender, toned body made me want to do yoga every day. And from the 68th floor, the views were amazing...

In my GapFit kit. Breathable T-shirt: £14.95. Bra top: £19.95. GFast Leggings: £24.95, all GapFit
Love these logo printed leggings, £34.95, GapFit
Breathe sweatshirt, £34.95, GapFit
So now I've got the kit, there's no excuse right?!


  1. I keep meaning to try yoga but it scares me a little! The view is amazing here, I bet sunrise yoga really sets you up for the day. The GapFit gear is really affordable. Might have to purchase some new leggings next month (always a motivation to exercise).

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  2. What an AMAZING view!!!! Now looking at that view is motivation to have a good day and be healthy;) Love the coupon in the Stylist for Gapfit today!

  3. What a great event to be invited to!! this is the kind of thing as a health and fitness blogger I'd love to attend, hopefully i'll make it to something like this eventually!!


  4. Wow amazing views! Love the Gap Fit kit too! x

  5. I am so jealous! That must have been such an incredible experience! Love the logo print leggings. Perfect start to the day! x

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