Monday, 3 February 2014

Mid-Fashion crisis? Bleach London

Last week I dyed my hair blue. 

No, I'm not going off the rails. Obviously pink hair has been around for a while but I'm a bit of a prude when it comes to permanent colouring. However, last week, the beauty assistant at Red gave me this bottle to try from uber cool East London salon Bleach. I've never considered dying my hair anything but blonde or brown before, but seeing as it lasts only 2-10 washes I thought 'what the hell'.

I just dipped the ends and it felt really rebellious, despite being 30 and able to make my own choices, I still felt 'naughty' - especially when my dad commented on my instagram photo...

The result? It comes out a LOT lighter than the bottle shows, and much more subtle - but I like it. The term 'washed up mermaid' is pretty spot on, it already looks faded, which is perfect for an anxious first-timer. I'm into it - what shade shall I try next...?

Bleach London non permanent hair dye, £5, Boots


  1. I used Washed Up Mermaid too a few months back and it faded massively after one wash. Need to find out which of the range actually have a good colour turnout as my friend used Parma Violets and ended up with green hair! x

  2. This post is so well timed ….. at the weekend I used the Bleach Tangerine Dream to turn my hair a temporary ginger (I was going as Axl Rose to a Drag Queen party - don't ask!) It worked and my hair was bright orange. Success! However that was Saturday and today is Thursday and my hair is still definitely not back to my natural colour. Yes the orange has faded and I'm now a warm apricot colour but I'm unsure after 6 washes now if I'll ever be blonde again?! Moral of the story - if your hair has recently been bleached your hair will suck up the colour! Truth be told I'm becoming quite fond of my apricot now!


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