Tuesday, 25 February 2014

This month I'm...

1...visiting the National Portrait Gallery for the David Bailey 'Stardust' exhibition. A must if you're a fan of his work (I personally wanted to see a bit more of Jean Shrimpton!), tickets £14.50 each, on until 1st June 2014.

2...spending more time with my family. As most of you know, I have gone freelance, and trying to manage more of a work/life balance. Last week, I started working from home and went for a mid-week lunch with my mum, sister and nephew. Absolute bliss.

3...shopping for baby things! How cute are these cardboard letters from H&M?

4...planning a loft conversion. Although our flat has gone up in value, so has everything around us meaning we can't afford to move out for a while. So we're looking into building up into the loft, instead and creating an extra bedroom. I'm pretty sure it won't be as spacious as my New York loft apartment Pinterest pins but it will create extra space.

5...obsessed with palm prints. I have had this Topshop skirt in my shopping basket no less than 3 times but finding it hard to commit in this weather...but I finally own it and so glad I do, I'm sure it will be a great investment once the sun shines.

6...booking a trip to New York in May. We had some money leftover from our honeymoon and put it towards flights to our second 'minimoon'. My husband has never been, so I'm looking forward to experiencing it with him. The trip will obviously include trips to J Crew, Shake Shack and Jonathan Adler.


  1. Fab monthly update. I'd really like to go to the David Bailey exhibition, he's a legend. Love the idea of a loft conversion - have fun planning!!



  2. Hi - love the look of the Top Shop skirt, is it short!?? I can't tell how short from the website!! Claire xx

    1. Hi claire, yes it's short -above the knee but not *too* short -you can bend down (if you're careful)!

  3. Shopping for baby things, eh?

  4. You can't blame me for that! You also mentioned that you're building up the loft in your home to make it bigger in the same post ;) But I can't blame you for falling into the baby buying spell. When I go into Baby Gap with the intention of picking up one thing for my niece, I rarely leave with less than $100 worth of stuff.


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