Monday, 10 February 2014

Top 5: Self Tan

As you read this, I am actually working on a shoot somewhere tropical, which means a) I have been turning my flat upside down trying to find some summery clothes to take with me and b) I have had a tanning panic. My bare legs will be out for all to see.

I usually fake tan about once a week, but usually just my arms, chest and face. But a trip abroad in the middle of winter means some special attention. Here are the products which work the best for me:

I love all of their self-tan products (and have actually just heard about an amazing new version of concentrate which can be dropped into your usual moisturiser), they don't smell the best but they provide such a equal, real looking tan.

Decleor's products, for me, work the best. It smells fine, and sometimes I just need a bit more colour in one go than the everyday products.

A great one for everyday, it glides on so easily and is almost impossible to get streaks.

4. Vichy:
I never knew Vichy did fake tan, but have been testing it recently and it works really well on both body and face, unlike other facial creams which bring me out in spots.

5. Tanatomicals Instant Tan:
The cheapest of the bunch at only £6.99, I found this at a work beauty sale and assumed it was pricey as it works so well and smells tropical rather than biscuity. Definitely one to try on a budget.

See my current beauty must-haves and regime on the Birchbox Blog:


  1. I only ever use fake bake original lotion, I like the way it works with your own melanin levels so that you never look too dark or orange. You should give their face one a try, it's really nice and full of great things for your skin x

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time in a beautiful place. Fake tan in the only way I can make myself look half human at the moment and st tropez is my fave! Off to check out your beauty must haves...I need help in that area! X

  3. I quite like the Tanatomicals self tanning mousse and not just because it's called 'The Holy Grail for the Deathly Pale'!!

    Hope you're having a fab time in the sunshine, very jealous.



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