Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello Fresh

Have you ever heard of Hello Fresh? They provide thousands of people with freshly delivered food to their door every week. Last night we gave it a try:

All ingredients are hand selected, mostly organic and come with an easy to follow recipe of what you need to cook. The meat comes from a top butcher in Mayfair, the vegetables the freshest they can find and all the measured ingredients means you have hardly any waste - my ideal food philosophy. Even the packaging is all recyclable!

I am trying out 3 meals this chance to eat something different, totally fresh and with an element of surprise! I wasn't in when it was delivered but the box was left in a safe place and all kept cold within the clever packaging.

We decided to make the fish recipe first: Moroccan Fish and Chips with Cooling Cucumber Raita (made with a sustainable fish, Tilapia) - it took 30 minutes and was absolutely delicious -even I could follow the recipe!

Our ingredients in exact measures - the hard work is done for you
Looks good, huh? Even for me!
So, it's not uber cheap but then I don't plan on eating in Lidl my whole life. My husband and I both agreed that it was worth the money - these meals work out at around £4.90 each and a weekly cost (5 fresh meals a week for 2 people) of £49 with free delivery. Which is actually cheaper than most people's Sainsbury's shop - you're not left with tons of leftovers and you're eating really well.

Not convinced? We tried the Trial box for £42 for 3 meals with no commitment. There are even options to 'meal swap' if you fancy something different. We can't wait to try the Thai chicken and chestnut mushroom rice or the sausage cassoulet - I'll keep you posted through social media, of course...

We might just be sold.


  1. Looks like it makes delicious meals... my problem is that my cooking repertoire is pretty small. Keep us posted on how you find it as time goes on, and if you think the extra spend is worth it!


    1. Me too - we can only make about 7 meals!! So far loving this and makes it so much easier without having to measure everything all the time - just throw it in a mixing bowl!

  2. As a total aside.. Please remind me of your husbands video website / FB. I want to make contact re. My wedding this year! Thanks x

    1. Haha - no worries - the website has (kind of) launched and the facebook page (with more videos on) is

  3. Are you being paid for this, Alex? Or did the company approach you to trial their product? It would be helpful if you could be more upfront about this sort of thing.

  4. Not organic then I am not interested.


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